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23.Soilwork-The Living Infinite

I'm going to be completely honest, I thought Soilwork was done making great music. Their last couple records weren't terrible, but they paled in comparison to their earlier work. Well Soilwork made me eat a whole lot of crow with their fantastic 2013 double-album The Living Infinite. The Living Infinite brings back the melo-death punch of their first four albums and mixes it perfectly with their more alternative-rooted style of their newer material. This combination leads to a collection of songs with soaring, memorable hooks beautifully contrasted with sections of glorious death growls and massive riffing. The album is definitely a little too long with some filler tracks that kill a bit of the momentum (mostly on the second half), but a majority of this album is downright brilliant so it doesn't drag the quality down too much. It's great to see Soilwork back on their game and I'm very intrigued to see what they do next.

Standout Tracks
3.Let the First Wave Rise
3/2 Migos
3/30 Intronaut/Scale the Summit
4/7 Waka Flocka
4/17 Kvelertak
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