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EP/Compilation/Live Albums of 2013 -#29-#20

29. Seether - 2002 - 2013

A 2-disc release that had a best of on one CD and unreleased material on another. Solid best of release from a hard rock band that has been around for a while.

28. Puscifer - Donkey Punch the Night

Exactly what I expected from Puscifer but I wanted more. Breathe (Drumcell rework) is one of my favorite tracks of the year though.

27. Skindred - Kill the Power

I thought they had fallen off of the face of the earth but my favorite Welsh rockers are back. The only disappointing thing is that out of the 6 tracks given to us, 5 of them are remixes of the only original song on the EP. Come on, Benji.......

26. Dream Theater - Happy Holidays

Very cool idea from a band that I find extremely boring live. On CD, I can listen to them nonstop but live just ends up being a different story for me. Glad to see they released this free and it was composed of everything that didn't make the "Live at Luna Park" release.

25. 3 Inches of Blood - Live at the Mushroom Vol.1-3

Quality live recordings of some 3IOB classics. I love how they did different artwork for the 3 different EPs. Yes, I composed them into a single one because it makes sense.

24. Baroness - Live at Madia Vale

A solid live release from one of my favorite bands. Enough said!

23. Finntroll - Blodsvept

A teaser for the new album that included a cover, a live song, and a demo track. Even Finntroll can do no wrong with teaser EPs.

22. American Head Charge - Shoot

AHC is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when this was released and even though it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, the future looks bright if the new full length continues down this path. Writhe is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs of the year.

21. Scar the Martyr - Scar the Martyr EP

Even though the line up for this band should have swayed me instantly I was still skeptical before I listened to this. After the meltdown with Darkest Hour and the standstill of the Kris Norris Projekt, I'm glad Kris is playing in a band such as this now. Jed and him kill it throughout this thing. It's nice to see two extra tracks that didn't make the album included on this.

20. Toxic Holocaust - From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction

The past EPs and splits compiled into a single release, thrashing your face off even with the songs that miss their mark.
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