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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
i fucking told these people they need to step back from the stupid lame shit and spend some time listening to some Autopsy or Benediction or something to wash away the melodic metalcore bullshit
How do you know they didn't listen to that stuff as well? Ripping on someone for their taste in music is one thing, because whatever, opinions, and sometimes insults against opposing opinions can be funny, but it always bugs me when I see people assume that people like certain things only because they haven't heard other stuff that they perceive to be better. Maybe it's just because they did listen to the more obscure stuff and didn't like it as much.

Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
I still can't believe AiC made the top 10, I hadn't really heard anything super-positive about it on here and it beats out much more lauded-stuff like Subrosa and Carcass, that's shocking to me. I would've expected Queens to make it over them by a long shot.
I've noticed people who listen to more underground music tend to be more vocal and provocative about their love for that music than fans of more mainstream tastes. Which makes sense, since you want people to know more about a band who's a lot less known. With a band like Alice in Chains I guess even fans of that album felt no need to go out of their way to show their praise for the album.
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