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I still can't believe AiC made the top 10, I hadn't really heard anything super-positive about it on here and it beats out much more lauded-stuff like Subrosa and Carcass, that's shocking to me. I would've expected Queens to make it over them by a long shot.

As for the rest of the list, the records I've heard from it aside from AiC I really, really dug. Glad to see Protest and Revocation sneak into the top 10 as well as Clutch and Killswitch getting higher up. Top 20 is really solid as well glad to see Black Dahlia, Skeletonwitch and Dillinger get some props as well some lesser-praised shit like The Ocean and Anciients. Good list per usual.
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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