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5 Albums That Would Have Made My List If I'd Heard Them Sooner

5.) Hell - Curse & Chapter

Another solid fuckin' album after their comeback from this reformed NWOBHM band.

The Age of Nefarious (The chorus of this song reminds me of that "Age of Aquarius" song from The Forty Year Old Virgin. )

4.) Melt Banana - Fetch

I didn't check it out until last week because it honestly sounded like something stupid that I'd hate. Weird ass noise rock from Japan, but I dig it.

The Hive

3.) Hela - Broken Cross

Female-fronted stoner/doom from Italy that take what Windhand do, but make it less crushing and have more stoner riffs, but overall better songs.

Flesh Ceremony

2.) Noothgrush/Coffins split

Noothgrush side crushes with all of Noothgrush's signature sludgy goodness. Coffins side doesn't touch anything from The Fleshland or Buried Death, but is still pretty solid death/doom.

Jundland Wastes

1.) Unhuman - Unhuman

Cool tech death from Canada. The vocals or vocal effects or something sound like weird alien crickets at times and it's fucking sweet. Takes some getting used to though. This is the most original tech death I've heard in awhile.

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