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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post

5.) Weekend Nachos - Still

These guys have become one of my favorite bands over the last year, so I was pumped as fuck for this album and it did not disappoint. This is just some heavy as hell powerviolence/hardcore with the occasional sludgy part. It's not quite as good as Worthless, but it cut out my two complaints with Worthless (the two minutes of needless feedback before the title track and the last song goes on four minutes too long), so that's good enough. Their vocalist, John Hoffman, is like, the total package and shit, cool as fuck dude, awesome lyricist and a vocalist with range (although the guitarist also does a bunch of vocals).

No Idols & No Heroes
You're Not Punk

4.) Abyssal - Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

This is like a mix of Portal and Incantation, not as out there as Portal, but really murky, foreboding death metal. It borrows a ton of elements from black and doom metal that just increase the terrifying atmosphere this album possesses. This is just a megalith of an album.

This is really the only song I can listen to on its own.The Tongue of the Demagogue. This is more of a listen to all in one sitting album, which is imposing, but so worth it. Full Album

3.) Vastum - Patricidal Lust

My most anticipated album of the year and it didn't disappoint. Vastum dished out another delicious serving of the grimy, death/doom that they are becoming known for. These motherfuckers out-Autopsyed Autopsy on this one! Some of the catchiest riffs of the year paired with terrifying vocals.

Enigma of Disgust
Patricidal Lust
Only ones they had on Youtube, but here's the full album.

2.) Inquisition - Obscure Verses for the Multiverse

RIFFS UPON FUCKING RIFFS! RIFFS FOR FUCKING DAYS! Every riff on here has an almost hypnotic nature to it that just gets me so caught up in the song. You wouldn't think croaky frog vocals would be appealing, but with Inquisition, I really couldn't see enjoying the vocals as much any other way.

Force of the Floating Tomb
Spiritual Plasma Evocation
Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron

1.) Nails - Abandon All Life

I was a bit reticent of the idea of putting this at number one originally since it's only seventeen minutes of music, but it's the best damn seventeen minutes of music I've heard all year. Whether they're going at grindcore speeds ("In Exodus") or a sludgy dirge ("Suum Cuique"), Nails writes some of the best music I've ever heard. The sheer intensity and hateful nature of the music is mind blowing. Nails also manage to use HM-2s without being derivative of the wave of Entombed-core bands that have came out over the past few years.

A side note: This is also, hands down, my favorite album cover of the year. It's just creepy as fuck in a minimalist way as it's not overtly in-your-face with its imagery. I bought the vinyl (and subsequently started my now growing record collection) for the sold prospect of staring blankly into a bigger version of this cover.

In Exodus
Wide Open Wound
Suum Cuique

FYI: That Abyssal album is free as a digital download on their bandcamp page

I just read about and listened to that album for the first time a couple days ago, but it probably would have made my top 25 if I had heard it in 2013. It was apparently released Jan 1, 2013; don't know how I missed it all year. Really good stuff.

Great list. An unfuckwithable top 3
2/26 - Goatwhore
3/3-5 - Berserker Fest III
3/18 - Witchaven
3/25 - Archgoat

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