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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
All the flipping about Killswitch is hilarious. For people who dig the kind of music, it was our Sunbather or Colored Sands. There was a ton of trOO, elitist-friendly albums that were ahead of it, so calm down people. With all the hype around it and the fact that I'm seeing Hipsterheaven open for BTBAM next month, I'll have to put on my Von Miller glasses and give Sunbather a spin some time.
Yeah it's cool to hate on Killswitch now. They're the new Pantera apparently. Duly noted. hahaha

Jesse Leach is a great vocalist. Some people like vomiting pig squeals, some like the high pitched power metal stuff, some like shoegaze with vocals that go aye-yi-ya-ya-ya the whole time and some like a dude who can sing his ass off like Jesse Leach.

I hated the last 2 KSE albums but hating on this cd because it's cool to hate on is retarded. Like the people who hate on Pantera...

That being said Clutch should be higher. #1 actually...
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