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In The Minds of Evil
Genre: Death Metal

Deicide has recorded some classics in their storied career, as well as a few mediocre efforts. Being that this album came out so soon after 'To Hell With God' (which was an outstanding album IMO) led me to believe the album might be hurried, hence most likely mediocre. My expectations didn't really change after hearing the title track. However, I still went out and bought the album (I like to support bands I really like, plus I like to have the liner notes, etc.). The first few listens I'm thinking to myself, "Ok, this album is pretty solid, but not outstanding." But then the album REALLY started to grow on me. I read that the band had wanted to use less melodic stuff and sound more old school. Ralph being gone probably contributed to that. I had absolutely no problem with the amount of melody in the previous three albums ("Stench" is one of all time favorite death metal records, THWG was a great album, and I didn't hate 'Till Death Do Us Part' nearly as much as many did), and the solos on Stench and THWG were fuckin' awesome. The band accomplishes the old school sound wonderfully.

This is absolutely one of Deicide's heaviest albums, if not THE heaviest. Not the most brutal or extreme, but you know what I mean. The songs are fucking heavy, thick and crunchy. You can actually hear Glen's bass in some songs, which is extremely rare. 'Thou Begone' is a perfect example of that. That song features one of the most catchy riffs of the year IMO, and Glen's bass fuckin' pounds. That's probably my favorite song from the album. Steve's drums are, well, Steve's drums. Exceptionally executed and almost perfectly layered in the music. Overall, everything is tighter than virgin cooch. Certainly one of their tightest albums, everything sounds so good meshed together. The band doesn't totally abandon the melodic riffs as track 8 'Trample The Cross', features some outstanding riffs that would give some of the better melodic riffs of "Stench" a run for their money. Last but not least, you've gotta hand it to Glen for his vocals. No, he can't hit the highs or lows that he could hit during the 'Legion' era, but I feel his vocals are still outstanding. Evil and powerful! The only reason this album isn't higher is because the middle has a few songs that are just ok. A must listen for all death metal fans.

Though Begone
Trample the Cross

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