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I won't lie, if we did a Top 15, KsE would have been in my list.

Also, I know you've always done it this way but the way you handle tie breakers is incorrect from a counting standpoint. If two or more items are tied in a top 10 or top anything, those items don't share that 1 spot, but take up that spot and spots following it. So Black Sabbath and Inquisition should be tied for 3rd and take up 3 and 4 respectively, With Alice in Chains technically being #5.

The list should look like this:

1. Deafhaven
2. Nails
3. Black Sabbath
3. Inquisition
5. Alice in Chains
6. SubRosa
7. Clutch
8. KsE
9. Carcass
10. In Solitude

Unfortunately that would mean Revocation and Protest Hero would not be in the Top 10, but for accuracy sake it should be like that. Unless somewhere a long time ago you stated you would do it the current way you're doing it even though it's not mathematically correct.
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