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Originally Posted by Alduin View Post
I feel like they experimented a bit with the verses on the first half of the album, but most of the choruses are pretty bland. I still like this album a hell of alot more then the last one, at least there is nothing as vomit worthy as Anguish of Youth
I think they tried out far more new verse melodies on Dystopia. And at least that album actually had choruses. Half of this album starts bland, has no hook, and ends bland. The rest start great, have no hooks, and end bland. It's Iced Earth tribute band stuff.

Highwaymen is far worse than Anguish of Youth (which is actually a pretty decent song, different style for them, just let down by cheesy lyrics). I can't actually think of many Iced Earth songs from any album that are worse than Highwaymen.

They're lucky The Crucible of Man also sucked. At least that means there was no streak for this album to ruin.

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