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24.Death Angel-The Dream Calls for Blood

I'll admit I was really late on the Death Angel train. I had heard a few songs of theirs over the years here and there, but I hadn't really sat down and gave them a thorough listen till about a month before I saw play with 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross and Revocation. Now that I've been exposed to heavy doses of Death Angel, I realize I had been missing out on some great thrash over the years. The Dream Calls for Blood is right up there with the best 2000's releases from old-school thrash acts. As you would expect with Death Angel there is plenty of energy, catchy hooks and fret-melting guitar solos to go-around ( The solos on"Detonate", "Empty" and "Caster of Shame" are just . While all those elements are great, what makes Death Angel stick out to me is the vocals of Mark Osegueda. Osegueda has all the hard edge you want to hear in a thrash vocalist, but combines it with a greater sense of traditional singing than most other thrash acts. The Dreams Calls for Blood is just a ripping thrash record that embodies everything I love about the genre in 47 minutes.

Standout Tracks
1.Left for Dead
3.Caster of Shame
10/29 Rae Sremmurd
11/12 The Weeknd
11/15 Parkway Drive
11/28 ABR/ETID
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