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25.Suffocation-Pinnacle of Bedlam

The Suffocation of old has returned! Pinnacle of Bedlam sees the brutal death metal legends unleashing their most vicious attack in years. I don't know what caused this sudden re-ignition of fury in Suffocation's music, I'm just glad that it has returned. It's not that Suffocation's last few records were bad or not heavy, they were just missing the savage edge that their 90's releases had. The fire has undeniably returned and Suffocation wastes little time proving that point with the opening track "Cycles of Suffering". The guitars are chunky and loud, the drums are roaring and Frank Mullen is screaming his lungs out, every second of it is glorious. "Cycles of Suffering" is just the start of the brutal death metal master class that is Pinnacle of Bedlam. There are a boatload of memorable, uncompromising riffs, pounding blast beats from new drummer Dave Culross (who does a great job replacing legendary founding drummer Mike Smith,) and of course, Mullen's legendary pig squeals/low screams are on full display. There are even tracks like "Sullen Days" where they go out of their comfort zone and throw some melody into the mix. I never thought I'd see the day where one of the most relentlessly heavy bands of all-time puts melody into their music, but I must say it works well. It's not prominent enough to make Suffocation's music any less intense, but it does make for a nice brief diversion from the sledgehammer-esque heaviness that consumes most of the album. Pinnacle of Bedlam is easily my favorite Suffocation album since Despise the Sun and it's great to see these icons making great music again (especially since Frank's future status with the band is unknown.)

Standout Tracks
1.Cycles of Suffering
2.Eminent Wrath
3.Sullen Days
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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