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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Now fer 'da top 10........


Fucked to Death
Genre: Slam Death Metal/Grindcore

A pretty unique sounding band here. They call themselves "Slamming Goregrind". Fairly accurate description, but I'll chat a little more (not that anyone cares) about their style. Brutal Death with heavy aspects of slam and grindcore, as well as some tech death. The vocalist is pretty solid, he has a good range. Gurgles, some shrieks, and his main vocals are tough to explain, sort of like a toilet flushing and the crackling of an open fire (if that's not the dumbest description you've ever read..........). Production is kind of poop, which is a bummer. But the band mixes heavy slams, solid guitar riffs, and some self absorbed oodly riffs. A lot of slam bands use samples, some of which work, others are just stupid. These guys use clips from comedies, I almost split a gut when I heard the sample they used from "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story". Really unique and fun slam.

Fucked to Death

I fucking love this album. It's intense as fuck. I think the Hellraiser 3 sample is my favorite of all time. It's placed so perfectly.
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