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10.) Satan - Life Sentence

Satan picked up right where they left off twenty five years ago and recorded the year's best traditional metal album. This has memorable riffs and infectious vocal melodies that'll get stuck in your head. This might be the best comeback NWOBHM album since Brave New World!

Siege Mentality
Life Sentence
Another Universe

9.) Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

An orgy of Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost and Venom worship, but still retaining elements of Darkthrone's recent crust punk phase and traces of their old black metal style. It really just sounds like Darkthrone went into the studio and just recorded a complete tribute to bands that influenced their earlier career. "Leave No Cross Unturned" is thirteen minutes of pure badassery.

Lesser Men
Leave No Cross Unturned

8.) ASG - Blood Drive

Sorry, Clutch, but ASG released the best stoner rock album this year. Don't hurt me. Not that they're really all that similar except for their preferred genre labels. Blood Drive has an eclectic mix of tunes featuring downtrodden melody ("Blood Drive") to heavy riffs ("Day's Work") and even featuring some harsh vocals ("Castlestorm"). Fantastic release from a completely underrated band.

Blood Drive
Day's Work

7.) Power Trip - Manifest Decimation

Like an amalgamation of Cro-Mags' Age of Quarrel and Dark Angel's Darkness Descends. This album is abrasive as fuck and just dares you to unleash all that pent up energy. I'm not a big production nerd, but the drum sound on this album is absolutely massive and perfect for Power Trip's brand of crossover. It reminds me of the massive sound of Gene Hoglan on Darkness Descends.

Manifest Decimation
Murderer's Row
The Hammer of Doubt

6.) All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature

I don't exactly know how to classify All Pigs Must Die's music. They're definitely a crust punk/hardcore band on the surface, but their music encompasses elements of black metal ("Silencer") , sludge ("Of Suffering"), death metal ("Chaos Arise") and more that it can be hard to pinpoint the specific sound at times. What I do know though is that All Pigs Must Die is all about continuously spewing hatred out of your speakers for the entire duration of this album.

Chaos Arise
11/21 Deceased
11/27 King Diamond
11/28 Terror and Cross Examination
12/4 Harm's Way
12/5 Graveyard ?
12/13 ACxDC
12/26 Macabre
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