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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
They're a highly praised band that makes sub-par music. Perfect kind of band to hate.
But they're angry metalcore/hardcore. Do you expect them to write "epic" songs with massive and frequent tempo changes and 10 riffs per song, or "hugely atmospheric overtones"? Seems everything that doesn't include the aforementioned is deemed low quality here. And I'm only half trying to be sarcastic. That's a serious question that I know will bring a smart ass response (not necessarily from you, but from someone).

Not trying to be a dink or start an argument, but for what they are and what they strive to be, I don't think you can say Hatebreed is "sub-par". Their last 2 albums, sure. Subpar for them.

And again, not trying to stir up the poop, what are they "sub-par" in comparison to? Keep in mind their genre.

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