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MINDMAZE announce new bassist Mike LePond

It is with sadness that MindMaze announces the departure of our bassist Rich Pasqualone. Rich has been an invaluable part of this band for close to two years, and while Mask of Lies was already in the works before he joined the group, it’s certain that the majority of the 35 shows played in support of the record would not have happened without Rich to complete the lineup. His involvement has also been integral in the crafting of the majority of the material for the forthcoming album, Back from the Edge. We’ve had a lot of great times together and this has been the strongest and most stable lineup any of us have ever been involved in. We suppose it’s fitting that our mutual decision to part ways comes with no bad blood whatsoever. Many times, bands list “musical and personal differences” as a generic way to cover up a bad falling out, but in this case, it couldn’t be more accurate. Sometimes it’s merely the responsible thing to recognize when the courses you’ve charted are eventually going to diverge. We wish Rich the best in his future endeavors, musical or otherwise.

Moving swiftly forward, we are honored to announce that none other than Symphony X bassist and close friend of the band Mike LePond will be stepping in on bass duties for the entirety of the forthcoming album. Mike certainly needs no introduction, as Symphony X are one of the leaders in modern Progressive/Power Metal, and have served as a big influence on all of us. We’re honored to call Mike a friend and work with him in the studio as he is truly one of the classiest guys in the business on any level. We’re truly excited for this collaboration as well as the album in general and we hope you will see things in a similar light! Stay tuned for many more updates throughout the recording process of the album!

-MindMaze- (Sarah, Jeff, and Kalin)
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