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29.A Day to Remember-Common Courtesy

Like Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel last year and Arsonists Get all the Girls in 2011, here comes my sure-to be pick of the list from the Metal Setlists community with A Day to Remember's latest record Common Courtesy. After their underwhelming last record What Separates Me from You strayed a bit from their typical musical direction, Common Courtesy sees the band returning to their roots. The energy that ruled their earlier material and was noticeably absent from What Separates Me from You returns with a vengeance on Common Courtesy. The effect of the legal dispute between them and Victory Records seems to have rekindled their fire as a band and put the emotion back into their music. Aside from ballads "I'm Already Gone", "I Surrender" and "End of Me", this album gives you no time to breathe. The band bombards the listener with a series of whirlwind tracks and it makes for an absorbing, consistently fun listen throughout. Though the return of the energy and passion to their music is key, the really special thing about Common Courtesy is the maturation of sound the band has taken. The pop-punk and metalcore elements of their music have never been better written or executed in their prior music. A Day to Remember has always challenged the genre norms by fusing together two radically different genres of music, but it's not until now they've achieved the perfect balance of the two. The band takes a more nuanced approach to songwriting with more bits of melody on the pop-punk tracks and gradual buildups to the breakdowns on the metal tracks. Their past records suffered a bit from more of a focus on one side of their sound, Common Courtesy finally sees the band spending equal time on both sides and it shows in the quality of the album. Common Courtesy is the catchiest, heaviest and just plain best material A Day to Remember has ever crafted. They should continue to get into disputes with Victory if it means their albums will remain this good.

Standout Tracks
1.Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail
2.City of Ocala
3.Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way
11/28 ABR/ETID

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