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Thank you so much man! I'm elated you approve

One year ago today a friend and I were vacationing in Costa Rica and decided on that very day we would hike up a volcano.

It had been down pouring rain the past two days. No one had ever accused the two of us of being the most forward-thinking individuals, but what else is life but a series of well-meaning mistakes? I'm sure there's a neat French expression for what I'm trying to say.

But yes, on to the hike. Going up was a tricky task, and knowing the descent would be even more strenuous did nothing to lift our spirits. At the top, we briefly took in the views and tried to enjoy them as much as that was possible, then began our perilous descent.

As I expected, the trail immediately showed us who had the power. (It wasn't us.) We sprinted down to the nearest outpost to see if there was any Antivenom. I was being much too hopeful for the current situation, but I now believe that my optimistic spirit saved him that day.

Needless to say, there was Antivenom, but no needles. No fresh needles, anyway.

Yesterday my friend's immune system finally gave out. Today my friend no longer inhabits the same mass of flesh and bones.

Such is life.


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