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15.) Dead in the Dirt - The Blind Hole

Twenty two songs in twenty four minutes of some of the fastest and filthiest grindcore out there. Dead in the Dirt apply a combination of blistering riffs, a grimy bass tone and tasteful use of feedback to create some of the most compelling grind around.

Knife in the Feathers

14.) Noisem - Agony Defined

While most neo-thrash bands are busy worshiping Exodus, Noisem are firmly rooted in the style of Dark Angel and Hell Awaits-era Slayer. In other words, my kind of thrash. Noisem's goal is to play scorching riffs at high speeds and achieve this they do. This isn't the most technically proficient or songwriting-focused thrash, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This is just twenty five minutes of pure fun. Also, their ages range from 15-20. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Seriously.

Voices in the Morgue
Split From the Inside Out

13.) Enforcer - Death by Fire

I don't understand how whoever had this in their thread could say the songs aren't memorable. "Mesmerized by Fire, "Take Me Out of This Nightmare" and "Death Rides This Night" get stuck in my head for hours after listening. This is some of the best traditional metal to come out all year. Enforcer remind me of the instrumentation of early Iron Maiden with vocals similar to Angel Witch in a way.

Death Rides This Night
Mesmerized By Fire

12.) Coffins - The Fleshland

Another murky, swampy release from Japan's one and probably only death/doom band, Coffins. I really like Coffins style of death/doom because they incorporate a psychedelic influence in their music (mostly solos) that is slightly reminiscent of their fellow countrymen, Church of Misery. Trance like and plodding at times and sounding like a soundtrack to a horror movie at others. Really good shit.

Here Comes Perdition
The Colossal Hole

11.) Incendiary - Cost of Living

The best straight up NYHC sounding release I've heard in years. Just straight up pissed off hardcore with no frills and just enough of a metallic edge to not make their sound stale. If the last minute of "Primitive Rage" doesn't make you want to punch things then I don't know what will. This is what Hatebreed should sound like.

Primitive Rage
Erase Myself
11/21 Deceased
11/27 King Diamond
11/28 Terror and Cross Examination
12/4 Harm's Way
12/5 Graveyard ?
12/13 ACxDC
12/26 Macabre
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