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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I had a huge group of friends go crazy over their debut album and were talking it up so much as one of the greatest things ever released.... so I was dumb and bought it..... and was greatly disappointed. It wasn't BAD, per-se..... but it was definitely far from the amazingness everyone talked it up to being.
You'll love this.

Q: Black metal has a discount store theatre to it, with costumes and stage names and what have you. You guys take the ALICE COOPER shocking-apron-wearing-mothers-into-fainting thing beyond the limit. Where does the theatre come from in your musical upbringing?

Ghoul: "Ghost derives from a very fanboy point of view. It's a combination of all those big dinosaur rock phenomenons. It comes from a profound fascination with underground death and black metal. Thrash metal, too. The darker elements of Ghost comes from the early ‘90s black metal scene. We picked up a lot of those aesthetics. I was brought up in that underground. The clandestine aspect comes from bands like MAYHEM or SARCOPHAGO or say, DEVIL DOLL."
Not only is the question far off the mark (to the limit? Really?), but that answer. If you're so influenced by black, death, and thrash metal, why are you so fucking soft and campy?

They are so the antithesis of the whole dark, evil thing they're trying to present it's not even funny.

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