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Corrections House -- Echo Park, CA -- January 5th, 2014

Venue: Echoplex
Source: me

I heard about this show a few weeks ago and got super excited. I had heard about Corrections House, but never thought I'd get to see them live. This is an experimental/industrial/doom band that features Mike Williams of Eyehategod on vocals, Scott Kelly of Neurosis on guitar/vocals, Bruce Lamont of Yakuza on Sax/vocals and Sanford Parker of Minsk doing the drum programming/keyboards.

I got to the venue a little early and sat in my car until the first band went on. I walked in at 8:30 to hear Author and Punisher just starting their set. It seriously felt like the venue was shaking from how loud the bass and distortion were. The band featured one man playing industrial music with the weirdest set up I've ever seen with a crazy video being played in the background. It was some sort of electronic drum kit with keyboards on top and various microphones for different vocal effects. I was digging this a LOT and would have loved for him to go on for a lot longer. At one point, he tied a mic around his throat and was screaming with his mouth closed so that the microphone would just pick up the sound through his throat. This was seriously horrifying. It felt like the soundtrack to hell and I was taken back a little but loved it. I had never heard anything like it before. This band is opening for Phil Anselmo's upcoming tour, so CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Up next was a band called Werckmeister Harmonies. I had heard about them prior to the show but could not find any real info on them. There was some long instrumental song on youtube, but that was it. The band had an old man in a chair with a guitar and microphone in front of him and two other people just facing away from the crowd. One had a bass and the other a guitar. For the longest time, they just seemed to be used as feedback from the amps. The front man was just picking different clean notes on the guitar and slowly singing. This lasted for about 15 minutes and then the front man hit the distortion and started playing faster chords and screaming in a high pitched black metal voice. The other two started playing the instruments for real and it just became some loud noise mind fuck. This lasted for about 10 minutes and then they two backing people stopped and the front manwent back to clean guitar and played for about 5 more minutes. He then thanked everyone for watching and it was over. A beautiful 30 minute song with a weird westernish video being played in the background. I wanted to buy his music, but I didn't have money for it.

Up next was Corrections House. It was their first time in LA. They played an amazing 75 minute set. They were so loud and heavy. It felt like my ear drums were going to explode by the end of the second song. I just stood there in awe as this cluster fuck of a band played through their set. Hearing Mike Williams shrieking while Scott Kelly was playing loud ass riffs on the guitar and Bruce Lamont playing the sax over some crazy industrial was probably one of the greatest things I've seen. Sometimes the bass hit so loud that I kind of stumbled because I could feel it throughout my entire body. This show was seriously like a religious experience and I suggest EVERYONE check them out if you get a chance. They played every song off of Last City Zero except for Run Through the Night, which was a bummed. I'm not 100% sure if they did Grin with a Purpose. The set might be a little out of order, but I'm pretty sure I have it mostly correct. They also made Hoax the System into a 15 minute song.

Grin with a Purpose?
Drapes Hung by Jesus
Party Leg and Three Fingers
Bullets and Graves
Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill
Hallows of the Stream
Last City Zero
Serve or Survive
Hoax the System

This was one of the best shows overall I've been to in a long time! 10/10. I can't wait to see Eyehategod next weekend.
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