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30.Heaven Shall Burn-Veto

Veteran German extreme metal act Heaven Shall Burn decides to go full-on melodic death metal on Veto and it works brilliantly for them. Album opener "Godiva" could've easily been on any In Flames or Dark Tranquility record from the 90's. While the rest of the album isn't quite as epic as "Godiva", there is still plenty of nice, Gothenberg-esque melo-death cuts such as "Land of the Upright Ones", "53 Nations" and a heavier take on Blind Guardian's "Valhalla" with guest vocals from Blind Guardian Hansi Kurch. I'm not completely familiar with all of Heaven Shall Burn's discography, but this is the finest material I've heard from them to-date.

Standout Tracks
2.53 Nations
3.Valhalla (Blind Guardian Cover)
11/28 ABR/ETID
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