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28. Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

The legendary Norwegian duo has never, in over two decades, released a single bad album; The Underground Resistance is no exception. They started by taking a bite at Swedish death metal, then denied the whole genre and kinda invented raw black metal. After that, they changed and elaborated their sound a bit, to later settle on blackened crust punk for a few releases, excelling in all these genres. On their latest, they switched direction once again, choosing to play what is probably Fenriz's primary passion: speed metal/NWOBHM. Don't get me wrong, this is no clean, flashy stuff; this record is dirty, ugly, and Celtic Frost-influenced as it should be. The sound feels almost like a live performance, with all its delicious imperfections, and tremendously heavy. Nocturno Culto's guitar sound is perfectly raw, while being very audible (not raw like their early works). The riffing on this is also legendary: it ranges from vintage and fast heavy metal riffs to d-beat punk madness to gloriously mournful doom metal riffs. The bended chords in "Dead Early" and "Leave No Cross Unturned" always make my guts tingle. Because of the quality of these riffs, the every song on The Underground Resistance is very catchy and pleasant to listen to. Another interesting factor of this album is the diversity of the vocals. Nocturno Culto's gutural grunts are punctuated with Fenriz's falsettos (which are not perfect, but it just adds to the filthy feeling that the record reeks of), and sometimes replaced by epic, higher ones (in "Valkyrie") and doomsday preaching doomy ones (on "Come Warfare..."). My favourite songs are probably the kick-in-the-face opener "Dead Early" and the majestic heavy/doom metal crusher "Come Warfare, the Entire Doom". The only real flaws I can find to this record are, first, the closing track that is a bit too lengthy, and, second, the lyrics that are a bit generic. But hey, this is a heavy metal album and it's Norwegian... Would anyone expect anything but cheesy lyrics?

Come Warfare, the Entire Doom
8/6 - SubRosa
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