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Genre: Brutal Death Metal

I had listened to some Katalepsy before this one, and was never really all that impressed. Decent slammy brutal death, but nothing outstanding or creative. Figured I'd give this one a spin and man, am I glad I did. Did some research, and the band has had a ton of lineup changes over the years. They've been around since '03 which is nice to see in a Brutal Death band, and have finally made an outstanding album. Straight up heavy ass brutal death with aspects of slam and tech death. Almost a Cannibal Corpse/Devourment hybrid, I guess. Probably a better anology, but that's what comes to mind without thinking much. Perhaps even a touch of deathcore as well. Guitar playing is very nice, reminds me of Dying Fetus a bit, as far as style and approximation of technical riffs. Drumming is very powerful, and all the instruments mesh well together. Bass is inaudible at times, but noticeable and powerful at others. Again, it all meshes well. Their vocalist is pretty talented. His normal growls remind me of a Glen Benton/John Gallagher hybrid, and once in a while he will use some very impressive slam-style gurgles. And a rarity in gurgles, some of them are slightly audible. Album is overall extremely brutal and heavy without being full-on brutal for brutal's sake. One of the top 5 of the year in terms of heaviness for me. No tunes really stick out to me as particularly outstanding, rather there simply isn't a weak song. 10 soild tunes here. If hard pressed to choose, I'd go with the openers 'Lurking in the Depth' and 'Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)' as the best. I know most people won't check this out due to the rest of my list, but I really believe fans of any subgenre of Death Metal will really enjoy this album. Highly suggest you take a few minutes and listen.

Autopsychosis (Full Album)

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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