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Extermination Dismemberment
Serial Urbicide
Genre: Slam Death Metal

Not going to say much the others that have mentioned this album didn't already say. This is without a doubt the heaviest album I listened to this year. Granted I don't listen to hundreds of albums each year like some do (nothing wrong w/ that, just sayin'), I'll put this album up against any for heaviest of the year. The slams are sludgy and heavy, the guitar tone is almost perfect for slam. The bass drops are just fucking insanely heavy. Yes, they're there for the sake of being heavy. Stupid heavy. So heavy the recording level is blatantly turned down, and there is still crackling going on. The drummer is talented, both on the snare and the bass drum. None of the tinny, uneven blast beats we here from many Brutal Death bands. The first few times I listened, I though the vocalist was pretty average, but after a few more listens, the vokes started to grow. The guy is pretty talented, can spew some long ass growls and gurgles without sounding too burpy or farty. And NO PIG SQUEALS! The opener, 'Disemboweled Engorgement' and the title track are my favorite tunes. The bass drop into the slam in the title track is fucking beyond heavy. This album was in the 20's on my list after the first couple listens, but each time I blasted it while lifting it made me roar with every rep. That tends to give it a boost! The more I listen to it, the more I think if I re-arranged the list now, it might be even higher! Most people here won't like it, but any Brutal Death fan (don't neccessarilly have to be a slam fan) would almost assuredly love this.

Serial Urbicide

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