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Originally Posted by Datjazzfusion View Post
REALLY REALLY solid top 10.
Three of them are in mine (Nails, Gorguts, Deafheaven)
The others I did not finish but liked what I heard (Subrosa, Light Bearer, Children of God, Lycus)
Others that were good but not quite in my top 10 (My Bloody Valentine)
Albums that I completely were unaware of that sound promising (Fen, Usnea)

Nice man! Definitely give SubRosa and Light Bearer more of your time. Thanks for checking it out!

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Those top three are
I concur.

Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
2:30 on "Where Do They Go?" is my favorite part on all of WSFTTS. But yeah, that whole album is incredible. Again, nice write-ups. I should check out that new Pray for Teeth - I loved their 2-song EP a couple years ago.

Oh yeah, and does anything on m b v touch (or even approach) the brilliance of Sometimes? Because that really is the only mbv song I enjoy listening to.
Yeah, that part of "Where Do They Go?" is great. Absolutely crushing live. And the Pray For Teeth album isn't too much like the 2 song EP. Definitely more Post-Metal, but the vibes are similar. And if you want something that sounds exactly like the track Sometimes, you're not gonna find it on m b v. But I'd say just give those two tracks a whirl, just to see if you can dig it.

Again, thanks guys for reading. Makes it that much sweeter knowing somebody gives a shit about what I have to say.
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