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32.Fleshgod Apocalypse-Labyrinth

Italian symphonic/technical death metal act Fleshgod Apocalypse unleashes another savage attack on their third full-length Labyrinth. The symphonic elements are on a more epic-scale than ever with elaborate piano and violin pieces galore. The more straightforward metal elements are better written than on Agony with more solos and breaks from the orchestration. Labyrinth would be much higher on my list if it wasn't for the muddled production and noticeable decline in Tomasso Ricardi's vocals. Doesn't touch Agony or Oracles in my eyes, but Labyrinth is still another quality entry in Fleshgod's catalog.

Standout Tracks
2.Under Black Sails
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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