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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
That Craniotomy is sick, good find man! I wish I enjoyed more slam/death metal, because the album art in those genres can be so fucking cool Cool list so far dude!
Oh trust me, I understand. There's plenty of slam that I can't stand, so I can certainly see how it can turn some away. If you take some time though, there are a few guys on YT that upload tons of slam to their channels, that's how I find a lot of it. BrutalityDeath66 or something like that is one of 'em. And yes, there is for sure some awesome slam covers out there. And I'm glad you're enjoying the list!

Originally Posted by TehBr00tulz View Post
Very true, and I guess I misinterpreted that part of you said, and I apologize. I just like Wormed's lyrics and concept because it's different from most Brutal Death Metal nowadays. As for the music itself, like you said, I don't judge based on their lyrics, otherwise I would never have discovered the wonders of slams. I'm a person who prefers whether the vocals go with the music, don't really care for lyrics.

Also, holy shit, how have I never heard Craniotomy before?
No apologies needed, man. I knew what you meant, I was just sayin'.

That's exactly what I said when I found these guys. Never heard of 'em, and they've been around since '98, with 4 full length's out. Their first album kinda sucked, but the next two were very good. Not sure why these guys aren't more well known.

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