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34.Devildriver-Winter Kills

Devildriver comes back from the disappointment of Beast with their strongest material since at least The Last Kind Words and maybe The Fury of Our Maker's Hand. Dez Fafara still sound great vocally at age 47 and while the band is primarily a groove metal act, they experiment more with melody and straight-up death metal on this record. The more melodic stuff like "Carings Overkill", "The Appetite", and "Curses and Epitaphs" are catchy as hell and feature some of the most ripping guitar solos of the band's career, while tracks like "Gutted" and "Tripping Over Tombstones" are heavy as shit. Devildriver is not the band to listen to for innovation, but they are damn good at what they do and the bursts of melody on Winter Kills are a welcome addition to their groove-based repertoire.

Standout Tracks
1.Curses and Epitaphs
2.The Appetite
3.Carings Overkill
6/18 Bane
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