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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post

Deeds of Flesh
Portals to Canaan
Genre: Death Metal/Brutal Technical Death Metal

Another band I think is very underrated. Don't hear much about them anymore. Haven't listened to more than a few songs by these guys before this, but now I'm checking out their back catalogue. This is an outstanding death metal album. It's a concept album about an alien race taking over Earth. Straight up death metal with aspects of brutal death, tech death and some progressive death metal. One of the tightest death metal records of the year, and maybe of the past few years. All instruments are perfectly in sync and layered perfectly, without being overproduced. I think the vocals are among the best, if not THE best, I've heard on any DOF album. Again, I haven't listened to their entire discography, but I'd say this is their best album from what I've listened to. My favorite aspect is the crunch of the bass and bass drum. Bass is slightly audible, and the bass drum is perfectly layered. Some technical riffs that in spots, remind me of Necrophagist. The progressive-esque riffs are unique and enjoyable without getting wank, ghey, or over-the-top. Also features the ocassional heavy ass slam. Again, a very underrated band. ANY death metal fan should check these guys out.

Amidst the Ruins
Rise of the Virum Juggernaut
It's funny, I know a lot of people that loved this album, but I feel like this album was pretty weak compared to other albums that came out this year (Defeated Sanity, Guttural Secrete), plus I feel like Wormed does the whole alien-science thing better. If you're checking out their back catalog, make sure to listen to Trading Pieces. That's my favorite album by them.
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