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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
4.) Clutch- Earth Rocker

Now this....THIS is the Hard Rock Album of the Year, without question. Clutch never has let me down but they did put out some less than perfect albums over the past few years. I missed how Clutch wasn't heavy anymore, this album is Heavy As Hell and never lets go, even with the acoustic track Out Cold, its a nice break from the Pure Rock Fury (See what I did there?) If I was able to Earth Rocker would be my theme song for my radio show, because it so perfectly describes my show, and the Wolfman Kindly Requests... should be the closing track of every Clutch show in my humble opinion. This album is indeed a rocker and so damn perfect. For anyone who loves hard Rock and Bluesy Rock that Clutch is known for (which is not so much on this album) this is indeed the album for you. HARD ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!
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