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38.Rivers of Nihil-The Conscious Seed of Light

Out of all the extreme metal debuts to emerge this year, I can't think of one that was as hyped as The Conscious Seed of Light from Pennsylvania brutal/technical death metal outfit Rivers of Nihil. I was certainly intrigued right out of the gate since I am a pretty big fan of brutal and technical death metal, they are signed to my favorite record label (Metal Blade) and they got the legendary Dan Seagrave to do the album art. Well I didn't like this as much as a a majority of people, I can absolutely see why this album is so acclaimed. These guys packs a ton of punchy slam riffs into every song that would make forefathers like Suffocation and Dying Fetus proud. Also in the style of the aforementioned bands, they display bursts of dizzying technical prowess to break up the brutality. Really the only thing preventing this album from being really special to me is the vocals. The vocals are far from terrible, but they fail to match the power of the music and would be better suited for a less heavy band. Rivers of Nihil is definitely a band to watch in the years to come and this is a must-listen for any brutal/technical death metal fan.

Standout Tracks
1.Mechanical Trees
2.Soil & Seed
3.Place of Serpents
3/2 Migos
3/30 Intronaut/Scale the Summit
4/7 Waka Flocka
4/17 Kvelertak
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