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^ All points well taken, and thanks for offering your thoughts. I asked not because I wanted to debate the merits of this album or that album, but mostly in order to find out about what I may have missed. I have to check out some of the ones you mentioned, such as Borgne, Summer Fades Away and Sentimen Beltza (never heard of those). On the other hand, I've listened to OM before, but never really found them to be my cup of tea (even considering the fact that their roots are from bands which are definitely in my wheelhouse). However, given my further leanings toward doom in general as of late, it might be a good idea for me to revisit them.

As far as your guess on what my #1 would be, let's just say that there's not a whole lot of difference in quality between #1 and #5 as far as I am concerned - the ultimate ranking of those five really came down to the amount of time each album spent in my playing queue. I played the living shit out of all of them (and still do, actually), and I just ranked them accordingly. I simply could not stop listening to Royal Thunder or Ides of Gemini all year - it's as plain as that.

Yeah, comparing Ides to BMH might not be the fairest comparison, although obviously it's Sera Timms at the forefront in both cases, but the music is just so different between the two. I loved them both, for different reasons. I find BMH to have somewhat of a Tool vibe to it, whereas Ides is obviously pure doom. Also, BMH is a bit more produced, whereas Ides is definitely a more minimalist sort of sound. They are both fantastic bands and albums, in their own right.

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing - regarding Neurosis. Although I love post-metal to bits - and "should" thus by definition be an automatic Neurosis fan - I've never really been stirred to emotion by their stuff like I was for "Honor Found in Decay". That album still gives me chills (in fact I got one as I typed that sentence...). I suppose the fact that I saw them performing tracks from it live certainly didn't detract from its impact on me, but I loved it before I ever saw them live. It's just an absolute beast, IMO.
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