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Shameless and assholic self-promotion

This is the part you're going to hate If you don't care, just skip it.

In addition to being an extremely fruitful and fun year in music, 2013 was a key year for the band in which I've been playing guitar and bass for the past couple years. My band, Tribunal, has managed to play pretty big gigs: for example, opening for Suffocation and Voivod at the 2013 Trois-Rivières Metalfest and playing at the legendary Montreal Foufounes Électriques venue for our album launch.

Speaking of album launch, we released our debut album, ZING, an event on which I had been waiting for a really long time. To summarize it, our band is a mix of death/grind, funk, disco, rap, punk, and a lot of stupid stuff. The manifesto of the band if pretty much to break every stereotype of the metal scene: for example, we don't really care about "keeping it true", we have breakdowns, total senseless parts, and other non-metal stuff. Also, our artwork is colorful to the point of being silly, and at our shows we dress up in an also colorful and not very masculine way.

Our goal is just to have fun and to give the most absurd and energetic show that we can.

If you're not scared of weird stuff, you can stream it on bandcamp.


Tomorrow, I'll get on with the serious stuff and start my album countdown!
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