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Originally Posted by infinitydeth View Post
With all the Deafheaven hating you would think you would have a better list.
Can't wait to see your list. I'm sure it'll be something like Deafheaven, Nails and Melt Banana Top 3. Then you'll make sure you cover the other genres so Subrosa is a mortal lock along with Megadeth, BDM, PTH and Purson.

Am I close? Scratch Megadeth and replace with Carcass or more brootal stuff maybe? I'll go pop some popcorn in anticipation. hahaha

It's all good, like I said I liked Deafheaven just not as much as people on here and Rolling Stone do. My 11-15 might have made my list more suitable to your ecclectic style.

11. Revocation - Revocation
12. Nails - Abandon All Life
13. Death Mechanism - Twenty-First Century
14. Deafheaven - Sunbather
15. Bring Me The Hairspray - Sempiternal

If I bring the Starbucks can I come hang at B&N now?
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