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1. Fuck the Facts - Amer

In my opinion, Fuck the Facts is the best grindcore band out there these days, because they're the most relevant. Instead of only focusing on making fast, and angry or chaotic music like most bands do, they really try to deliver emotions through their songs - and they succeed in it. They mix brutal grindcore with melodic crust punk and sludge. On this EP, they also incorporated some Gorguts-like dissonance in some songs.

This EP deserves the #1 spot this year, because it is hard hitting in every way it can be. The blast beats are brutal enough to cave your skull in (that bell sound!). The mid-paced beats hammer you to the ground (never has a song title like "L'enclume et le marteau" - "The Anvil and the Hammer" - been that relevant). However, the best part for me is probably the vocal duet of Mel and Marc. Mel's screamed wailing is angry and depressed to both extremes of the terms at the same times, and Marc backs her up perfectly by bringing up some low pitched brutality.

Another awesome aspect of this album is the lyrics: every song except "A Void" is written in french and Mel's verses always give me a twinge of extreme sadness when I read them, because they sound so painfully honest.

I had the chance to witness the EP being performed in full not so long ago in Sherbrooke and it was one of the most intense and neck wrecking musical moments of my life.

Seriously, if you like grindcore, doom or any emotionally intense music, you have to try it.

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