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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post

Nice write ups! Totally regret missing Boris and deafheaven this year (as well as primitive man and hell.. You saw hell at stellanatura, right?) I actually started listening to Boris afterward but anyway that mbv cover is sick, and by far my favorite mbv song. (Is that weird? Or does that one sound different than their others.. I can't tell.) only listened to 10 min of flood so far, but already prefer it to -feedbacker- (granted I've only heard the live version with merzbow...)
Thanks. I actually missed Hell because I was pretty hungry and still had quite a few hours of music ahead of me, so I used their set time to eat. And I agree Sometimes is definitely my favorite MBV song. And Flood is Boris' best work in my opinion. Funny thing is I hadn't listened to it in full til the night before the show, but I was listening to it as I was packing up my dorm after my first year at SJSU and it really resonated with me and was the perfect music to listen to as I concluded what was one of my best experiences of my life (college), so I felt I already knew the piece very well when they played it live. It was so massiv and moving.
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