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Pinnacle of Bedlam
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Well, it's Suffocation. Not their best album, but I preferred this over Blood Oath. Very bummed I didn't get to see them on their last tour, as it's apparently Frank's last, and I've never seen them live . I was not too sure what to think, as the first song the band streamed fuckin sucked. Not sure why they choose that one, as it's easily the worst song on the album. While it's nothing new from Suffocation, in the end, it's everything that made them one of the most popular bands in death metal. Ferocious and heavy guitar licks, great drumming and the unmistakable Frank Mullen growl. If I could change anything, it'd be to make the album more slammy. There are some good slams and breakdowns here, but not as many as their older stuff.

Pinnacle of Bedlam (Full Album)

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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