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Top 10 Openers

10. Condition (For Capitalist Casualties)

Insane RAW Punk played by tall scary guy with fro.

9. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation ( For Capitalist Casualties)

Finally got to see em since I fucked up last time. These sweet ladies play the most crushing Grindcore and blew away the 2 bands headlining over them. Nuff said.

8.Homewrecker (For Harm's Way)

That was the first time I had heard them. The whole time in my head I was like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THOSE VOCALS. THOSE FUCKING VOCALS!!!!"

7. Holy(For Coke Bust)

"Hey im here to see Coke Bust and Punch play. What's that? Some band from Italy is playing? Lets watch em.

20 min later...

"Yup nothings going to fucking beat that."

6. PLF (For Capitalist Casualties)

Perfect Grindcore set is perfect

5. Harrasor (For Winterthrall)

Fake blood,5 people in the audience. And the only ones getting into it was some random dude,me,and the singer. This is why Harassor is one of my favorite local bands.

4. The Germs (for Redd Kross)

After 4 long years my favorite band ever came back. Only to play a short 10 song set for a fallen friend. They rememberd me and as always I sang every single lyric. Only bummer was the bass player wasnt there so they used The Go-Go's guitar player. Will we see them again? Who knows. But I always leave the happiest person ever when I see them.

3. In Disgust (for Despise You)

In Disgust are back. Grind to the fucking Core. No bullshit here.

2. Crom (for Gravehill)

Crom is defiantly the most underrated Powerviolence band ever. And I love it that way. They played in 2 years and they ain't coming back for a while after this. Silly as shit Powerviolence. I feel the while audience where their personal friends. What the fuck man. Crom rules. Set cut short due have a catapult of beer being thrown everywhere. Now thats Metal.

1. Excruciating Terror (For Repulsion)

Another reunion we all wanted. LA Grind legends ExTx. It takes a lot to out show Repulsion. But these guys did it with no problem. Victor Garcia's vocals are still fucking beast. Defiantly one of my fav moments of the year and highlight of GRINDCORE fest. Now featuring Dorian of Noisear/Phobia.
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?

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