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Top 10 Headliners

10. Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg feat. Andrew W.K.

If you know me personally you know that I think the Ramones are the greatest band that ever lived. Since Joey,Johnny,and Dee Dee have passed I will never get the experiance of a lifetime. But this is close. Marky(Ramones longest time drummer) touring with Party master Andrew W.K. for 30 Ramones songs. Getting free ticket and being upfront singing along to 30 songs that changed my life was great. AWK is perfect for the job and dancing with a bunch of old dudes and smelly punks next to me is the best feeling ever. Ramones Forever.

9. Hank III

After many years I saw Hank Williams III. Ive never seen so many rednecks in my life. Being one of the 6 brown ppl there was great. And Hank switching from Country to Horror Punk to Doom Metal and scaring away 80% of the audience was awesome. The man played from 8:30 to 12:35 with no breaks. And stood an extra hour taking pics and signing shit for fans. Thats dedication. Thanks to Christopher for taking me <3


I saw Iskra (from Canada) and Skarp in a tiny living room down the street for me. My glasses were fogged and nobody was really able to move. Now this is Crust as Fuck.


After not coming to America in many years. Abigail graced us with a badass Blackened Thrash N Roll performance. Yasuyuki was having just as much fun as we were. Total Rock N Roll experience.

6. Deafheaven

2 years ago I saw Deafheaven in a little hole in the wall that barely fit everyone in. Now I have to preorder tickets weeks a month a head. No matter how big or small the stage is,Deafheaven give it there all. Singing along to Unrequited while George is there doing his thing and notices you. He mouths the lyrics with his lips while staring at your soul. It's a great fucking feeling. I also heard Sunbather in its entirety. You didn't.

5. GZA/Genuis

GZA brought the motherfucking ruckus for $5. Hearing Cold World and jumping in the audience and rapping right next to you is mind blowing. Powered by the Wu,its no surprise he's the best Rapper I've seen live. \w/

4. Black Sabbath

I hate sitting all the way in the back. But just have getting a job,and this may being one of the last chances to see the Gods,I dealt with it. I don't think I would've done it with anyone else but still. I sat in some random seat I wasn't supposed to sit in and boom. The chills I got during the song "Black Sabbath" . It was defiantly a religious experience I will never forget. Too bad for the old people and random sluts that never heard Sabbath ever who sat near me. I was headbanging like no tomorrow when Iron Man was played. Im proud to say I can tell my grandchildren "I saw Black fucking Sabbath".

3. Carcass

I finally get to scratch off Carcass off the name of my list of Grind bands to see. The pioneers of Grindcore/Deathgrind/GoreGrind/Melodic Death Metal played the sickest ever. I don't even like the stuff after Symphonies and even that sounded better live. The new album as well sounds a million times better live than it really is. And belive me when I say I lost my shit when they played stuff of Reek. Now if they only played more stuff off the 1st album...

2. Infest

The Infest reunion show at The Echo was a big fucking deal. Having lined up at 9am in a big ass line to get a wrist band at 12,for a show that started at 3. All worth it. Joe Denunzio had no idea the crowed was gonna go apeshit at the first song with most of the audience on top of him screaming along to him. I think for like 3 songs I was buried underneath a bunch of people. The pioneers of Powerviolence did it. And according to my old timer friend "Way better than when I saw em 16 years ago".

1. Black Flag

When I was in middle school all I wanted more than anything was a Black Flag reunion. Dreams come true.(in 2 forms!) I didnt get to see FLAG this year but I saw Greg Ginn play a great set with my 2nd favorite BF singer Ron Reyes. Getting upfront and screaming my dick off to songs ive been playing loud in my room for the past 7 years. Hearing Ron sing those songs is hand downs one of the best things I ever witnessed. And Greg just playing those riffs we all know and love like its like nothing. Greg being the douche he is already gave Ron the boot. You're never gonna see this again. And according to Ron, "Its 2013 and its STILL not my imagination....I'VE GOT A GUN IN MY BACK!"
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