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Top 5 Demo's

5. BAT - Primitive Age

Total Venom worship. Nasty ugly dirty Speed Metal like you just stole a motorcycle at the bar and are now driving away to do some satanic stuff. Feat Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste/Volture), Felix Grifffin(Former DRI drummer from Dealing With It all the way through Thrash Zone era. Yeah! That guy!),and Nick P. (Dude that left Cannabis Corpse. He did most of the discography). The Waste should break up so Ryan can just do this full time. Cause this is dirty. FFO: Venom,Midnight,Speedwolf

4. Cave State- Demo Tape

Only local band thatís making my list. Also the only new Powerviolence band that came out this year that matters. And this demo shows why they should be cared abut. Total Crossed Out worship. Feat most of the members of Hoy Pinoy (i miss em ). This is some hard shit. Everybody wants them to play their backyards and after listening to this itís totally understandable. FFO: Crossed Out,Crossed Out,Crossed Out

3. Rude - Haunted

Im really picky when it comes to Death Metal. I honestly only really like Old Skool Death Metal. And luckily Rude totally worships that and brings us this long Demo. Im surprised it ainít an EP. There is hope for Death Metal and here it is! Already doing a tour and opening for big names in the Bay area,I can see these guys getting big in a few years. You miss shit like Possessed,Pestilence,Death,etc? Well here it is. FFO:Pestilence,Death,Morbid Angel

2. ██████ - Demo

Thatís the bands name. Im not kidding. And this rules. Trve Hipster Black Metal from the Czech Republic. You know the shit that gives you the feelz when you walk home at night hating youíre life but you still have some hope? Yep. that genre. Enough said. FFO: Deafheaven,Ash Borer,Wolves In The Throne Room.

1. Dead Man - The All Too Well Known

Thereís nothing I love more than Crusty Blackened Death Metal with a sound so raw it sounds like youíre neighbors D-Beat band. The last release the put out was cool,but this one blows it the fuck away. Bay Area Kvlt Punks. I like. If my shitty band ever gets going weíre ripping these guys off. Long live the Dead Man. FFO: Idk how to compare em.
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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