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Top 10 EP's

10. Dirty Mike and the Boys - Soup Kitchen

Dirty Mike (from Gravehill fame) started a Punk/Hardcore/Crossover band for when he’s not covered in blood. I wanna say a nice ol mix of GG Allin,Discharge,DRI,and the Mentors. Silly offensive Punk Thrash for your mama. Great shit. Already dudes from Exhumed are wearing their shirts. Long live Shock Rock.

9. Soul Search - Nothing But A Nightmare

So Cal HxC at it’s finest. Pissed off shit that will have throwing punches in the air and what not. Revelation records recently signed these dudes. And judging by this(and their other stuff) you see why they’d be perfect for em. These guys are already selling out shows here. Soon they’ll be hitting your area more often than usual. Great shit!

8. Condition - Bombed Out

Making my EP list again this year is Condition. They’re from all over the place and it has members of some of my favorites like Trash Talk and DNF. Raw as fuck,Japanese Hardcore worshiping- D-Beats to the fucking max- Punk. Ahhhh this ones dope. Not gonna lie,I liked the 1st one more but this is still the shit. The singer is this tall scary guy with a fro who will fuck your shit up. This is good. But seeing them live is way better.

7. Harm’s Way - Blinded

You like Napalm Death vocals? You like sludgy riffs to windmill to? You like buff dudes in ski masks giving you the best HxC from Chicago? Well here ya go. Harm’s Way new EP will have you bench pressing for more.

6. BruceXCampbell - Hail To The King

BrucexCampbell are a local Los Angeles Grindcore band. Nope no bandwagon shit here. These dues have been Grinding for MANY years now. Many line up changes but now they’re back on track grinding harder than ever. They released another EP plus a split this year. These guys Grind hard and it really bums me out that they ain’t more noticed. BxC is one of my all time fav Grind bands and this crushing EP will make you love em too. Hail To The Bruce!

5. Rotten Sound - Species At War

Finnish Grinders have done it again. 6 crushing Grind tracks that will leave you naked. That is all.

4. War Master - Blood Dawn

We all miss Insect Warfare. So here’s the next best thing. Rahi singing for a sick old skool Death Metal Bolt Thrower worshiping band. Four songs for all our headbanging needs. Those vocals tho.

3. Broken Cross - Anti-Human Life

God damn this shit is weird. Blackened Hardcore for GISM Fans. Well thats the best i can do.

2. Gag - This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I’m Rob Zombie When I’m 28

Raw punk raw punk raw punk! Lo-Fi raw shit for all your punky needs. Have fun trying to stand still while playing this loud. I heard this the day after they came to town. You have no idea how bummed I was. Don’t miss out. Get this. Raw.

1. Puig Destroyer- Puig Destroyer

The greatest EP I heard this year was Puig Destroyer. Obviously a pun of Pig Destroyer. Dodgers games are boring. I went to one this year and Yasiel Puig was kicking so much ass that it wasn’t boring. This band has members of Thrice,Skankin’ Pickle,and Curl Up and Die(random huh?) playing Grindcore songs about baseball. I missed the first pressing of this but jumped on the 2nd one right away. I can seriously play this all day. Short,fast,loud,and catchy. Total stage diving music. Now for them to play live….
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