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]Top 30 Albums of 2013! (part 3)

10. A$AP Rocky - Long Live. A$AP.

A$AP Rocky hit the mainstream and everyone became a fan of the Mob leader. We all know Mainstream Rap nowadays usually sucks ass but this album did not. As much as Skrillix annoys me the song he did with A$AP here is the catchiest song ever. The song with Drake is still lame cause Drakes a bitch. But the songs with Santigold,Joey BadA$$,and A$AP Ferg are all great. Im getting so much shit for this but I don’t care. A$AP foo.

9. Iron Lung - White Glove Test

Extreme Power. Extreme Violence.

8. Nekrofilth - Devil’s Breath

Feat. members of Nunslaughter and Apartment 213. You get the filthiest fucking Crossover/Death/Thrash combo. Think Ghoul meeting Midnight. Man this is some fast n dirty shit. Perfect for perverts. Super for satanist.

7. P.L.F. - Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter

PLF is just one band you can’t get sick of. The vocals,the guitars,the drums,the speed,the artwork. Perfect Grindcore is perfect.

6. Holy - Age Of Collapse

Holy is a hardcore band from Italy. They might be the greatest band Italy has to offer right now because this shit is some fist pounding,jaw dropping,and stage diving Hardcore. Fast and angry. Put the pizza down foo,this is is some Holy shit.

5. Ghost - Infestissumam

Ghost is a beautiful band you’d think your old hippie uncle listens to. But no Ghost is Sweden’s Metallica. Traditional Heavy Metal Rock at its finest. The fact that the soft vocals are singing satanic lyrics is crazy. i don’t feel like im listening to Metal with this. it’s something completely different. Either way. It’s mind blowing for sure. Hate all you want Ghost rules.

4. Mammoth Grinder- Underworlds

Hardcore,Sludge,Death Metal,and Grindcore all in one. As if Terrorizer had a baby. Mammoth Grinder is heavy shit you can head bang to,mosh to, anything. Mammoth Grinider is definitely the all around band. Crusty Death Metal at its finest. Im surprised how much I loved new Mammoth Grinder. I loved it a lot

3. Tyler, The Creator - Wolf

My favorite Hip-Hop album this year is defiantly Wolf. This stayed in my CD player for months. Tyler tells a story about his alter egos. It goes from silly to dead serious in seconds. Shit you can relate to and shit about his fame. Catchy Rap songs, emotional Hip-Hop,over all shit you can party too and walk home too. I fucking hate you. But I love this.

2. Retox - YPLL

JP always makes amazing shit. This ones another perfect one. Retox returns with songs better than the last album(and the one was fucking dope too). JP’s vocals are fucking dope in this one. Not screaming like Locust at all. Total Punk Rock shouting. His vocals were always my favorite but this one he shows his best. Also the guitar n bass duos are what make it my favorite. Especially in the song “I’ve had it up to here im going to prison”. Goddamn this shit is unique. Retox rules. Retox really rules.

1. Deafheaven - Sunbather

Last year before they even released anything from it I said I knew it was gonna be my favorite album of the year. Which it was. But I didn’t think major magazines and press would agree with me. Not only did they get a new fanbase,but everyone from Rolling Stone is calling this one of the best Metal albums of 2013. This has gotten them so big. I have to buy tickets in advanced now to see them. Someone entered their name on the Grammy Ballot list. The randomest people love Deafheaven now. And they deserve it. Why? Because Deafheaven changed my fucking life with Roads Of Judah and now its your turn. The beauty of this fucking album is unbelievable. Walking home with anger and hate and hearing this is just powerful. All the emotion this album has is strong. Kerry’s beautiful riffs with George Clarke’s BM vocals and touching lyrics make it the perfect album to die to. I want his played at my funeral. Live.I can go on and on on how perfect this album was. Last year I knew this album was going to be perfect. And it was.
9/13-Gruesome/Skeletal Remains
9/16-Black Breath/Battalion Of Saints?
9/18-Asshole Parade/To The Point
10/31-Gehenna/Full Of Hell

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