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Top 30 Albums of 2013! (part 2)

20. Black Flag - What TheÖ

Hate all you want motherfuckers. I did not hate this. Greg Ginn brought back the band from the dead with Ron Reyes(my 2nd fav BF singer) to give us this. Its no surprise this sounded like this. Did you dudes not listen to In My Head? This was totally coming. Luckily Ronís vocals made this a Grungy Punk album sound great. Maybe I just love Ron too much. This is nothing compared to any of the previous albums but itís not bad. If you liked In My Head,Mudhoney,or even Flipper. Give this a shot. Ron is no longer in the band so this was great while it lasted.

19. Hank III - A Fiendish Threat

When people say they play Horror Punk you just know its gonna be bad. You imagine shitty gimmicks and kids playing Graves era Misfits sounding songs about Vampires. And youíre gonna hear Astro Zombies 3 times that night. Country singer Hank Williams III made a horror punk album. This is impressive. There is a country in it but in no way is it Psychobilly. This is some great stuff. Stick this in your Hot Topic coffin and smoke it.

18. Rotting Out - The Wrong Way

Rotting Out is no doubt one of the best new HxC bands weíve seen in the past few years. With their crazy ass shows, devoted fan base,and sing long choruses it no surprise why theyíre everyoneís favorites. This one is a big step up. Perfect for skating to,singing along to,or crowed surfing to. Hope you know some Spanish. Paisa HxC por vida.

17. Black Sabbath - 13

The Godís have returned. Ozzy Osborne,Geezer Butler and the great Tony Iommi have made a new Sabbath album. They have recorded music together since 1978. They still fucking have it. Iommi fucking shreads like theres no tomorrow and Ozzyís voice isnít that bad for once. Total fuckin Heavy Metal. This might even be better than Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die. The only bummer is original drummer Bill Ward wasnít on it then itíd be far more perfect. But this is close enough. This is Black Fucking Sabbath.

16. Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dead

Get half of Municipal Waste,One dude from Darkest Hour,and some random ass guy from ANS and you have Iron Reagan. Do you miss when The Waste was still relevant and kicked ass live and on record. I say we just all pretend they broke up after The Art Of Partying and start praising this. gem. Fast Hardcore Thrash songs. Cmon look at the name. This is some great shit. Way better than the last 2 Waste albums. If you have em,throw em away and bump this.

15. Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

A lot of people didnít know how to react to Darkthrones new album. They went from playing the best fucking Black Metal ever to Crust Punk to this. Which is like Bathoryish-Speed Metal-Punk-Thrash Heavy fucking Metal. Darkthrone can do no wrong. This shit is wonderful. And who the fuck knew Fenriz can bust those high notes? That crazy fuck. Darkthrone will never make another Transylvanian Hunger album. Get over it.

14. Hoax - Hoax (LP)

Hoax once again proves how dangerous Punk can be. And here it is. 12 Raw Hardcore Punk tunes to punch your face in. Itís mean. Itís hard. Itís Hoax.

13. Morbosidad - Muerte de Cristo en Golgota

Paisa Beastial Blackened Death Metal that would make my Grandmother have a heart attack if she heard those lyrics. Evil as shit stuff. In case you ever want to go to Tijuana and do some spooky things your Mama told you not to do,hereís the soundtrack. Morboso always knows how to pump you up. And creep you out.

12. Von - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves

Uh oh! USBM Legends made another album. Remember last years? Yikes! Good news though,this one is really fucking good! It does start out dull at first. But then they bash your sou out with the Raw Kvlt shit that made you love em like when you first heard the Satanic Blood demoís. Von tried hard to redeem themselves this year. It worked. Remember guys,it was them to make it raw in America first.

11. Nails - Abandon All Life

Nails started out 2013 with some of the hardest shit ever. As if they didnít have a loyal following before,they got a bigger one now. This shit is heaaaavyy. If you loved Unsilent Death as much as me,prepare to be stunned. This is a lot of peoples #1.
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