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1.) Dream Theater- Dream Theater

I have been hoping and praying and wishing and striving for Dream Theater to put out an album that I can listen to from start to finish without getting the sense that anything felt out of place, went on too long, boring or just plain sucked; since Train Of Thought that hasn't happened to me. It FINALLY happened with the newest self titled release. It is easily my favorite DT album since Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and the music reflects that statement. every song fits, never feels too long or boring and it doesn't get old. It flows together naturally. It took 10 years for that to finally happen, and I say that with DT being my favorite band of all time. Thank you for finally bringing it back around this time Dream theater, I've missed you.......and for those complaining about the production, Black Flag put out some of the crappiest sounding albums to ever exist, yet they are one of the best Punk bands ever, its not the production, its the sound!
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