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El Turtle Boy's 2013 Nalga Kickng list. Haters will hate/Butts will be hurt

Top 30 Albums of 2013! (part 1)

30. Lil B ĎThe BasedGodí - 05 Fuck Em

Lil B surprised us all on X-Mas eve with this one. He had been bragging all year about a new mixtape.I thought he was just lagging it,but nope. He took forever cause this shit has 101 songs. Fuck off Beyonce this is a cooler surprise. Still Based. He samples System Of Down for fucks sake. And a song that sounds very similar to No-Cash. Fucking rare shit. This was one of the best Christmas gifts we got this year. Thank You Based God!

29. Dead In The Dirt- The Blind Hole

Fast as fuck Grindcore from Atlanta Georgia. If you thought those 2 EPís they had were tough,wait til you get the whole enchilada. Total grindcrushing shit. I once saw these guys in a tiny hot small room in a hot summer night. I think that where they got the album name from.

28. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy of the Dilapidation - Wallow

Japanese Grindcore done by the most cutest people in Grindcore. 16 Fast tracks that will have your jaw dropped and asking for more. This album had little promotion and I donít think many people know it exist. Listen to it! Kawai Grind!

27. Ride At Dawn - Blast Cage

]6 Raw As Punk Black Metal tunes. Very fucking short and they consider it a full length. It was good so I ainít arguing. Lo-Fi,D-beat,and Kvlt.

26. Joel Grind - The Yellowgoat Sessions

Remember when Toxic Holocaust used to be a one man band? Well even tho Joel Grind doesnít mind the 3 piece he still wants to do dirty raw Black Metal/Punk/Thrash on his own. Not as Thrashy at Toxic but itís total Bathory worship. Itís completely raw and crappy quality. Which is why this is making my list instead of the new Toxic. Great job again Mr. Grind.

25. Motorhead - Aftershock

Admit it. Motorhead sound the same in every album. Not that itís bad,its still great ol Motorhead but it takes a lot for them to be Jizz-Worthy nowadays. But its fucking Motorhead. And this one is def one of the best theyíve done in many years. Maybe since Hammered or Snake Bite Love. Lemmy of coarse still has it being as old as he is. But he is the holy one and what not. This might be their last album. So enjoy it loud.

24. Exhumed - Necromancy

Exhumed made a new album already. When they returned 2 years ago with No Guts, No Glory I thought it was ok. This one the other hand is much better. I get more of an older vibe with this one while its still the similar Deathgrind theyíve been blasting the past years or so. Nothing will ever touch the 1st 2 albums but this is still cool. Gore Fucking Metal.

23. Weekend Nachos - Still

I barley found out about this one. One of Powerviolenceís best brought us new shit to get pissed too only 2 years later. That quick huh? Itís actually not to different from Worthless. Maybe like a sequel to it. Even though itís nothing new to the table,itís something you like to blast loud which reminds you why Weekend Nachos is one of your favorite bands ever.

22. Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes

Gama Bomb are hands down of of my favorite Modern Thrash bands. Straight from Ireland you get some of the silliest songs ever. No Los Angeles poser shit here. High screams,shorts tunes,and beautiful lyrics about William Dafoe and Shitting Yourself. You think modern Thrash is all the same? Listen to this.

21. Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed

Skeletonwitch always makes my list. Black Metal vocals,Iron Maiden guitars,with a Thrash Metal vibe. Also a hint of Death Metal. Skeli can do no wrong,and they honestly get better each album.
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