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11.) Mechina- Empyrean

It takes so much for me to be floored by a band that has an industrial influence for me to be interested in them. Mechina is Atmospheric, Industrial, Symphonic, Death Metal. The music feels like a Sci-Fi Orchestral Soundtrack made in the future of a bleak universe. The song Anathema in particular (one of my favorite songs of 2013) proves this point, it is simply gorgeous and has the polar opposite sound of the band Amaranthe; Death Growls, Operatic Female vocals and Power Metal cleans in a Dark Symphonic Metal sound, not the Poppy sound Amaranthe is known for. The whole album is filled with these gorgeous soundscapes and it doesn't let you go until it's all over. And if you dig this, Mechina just released their brand new album, Xenon, on Bandcamp, Yesterday and it is even better.
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