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If WWE Network is $15 a month, that's $180/year, no small penny. Will they reduce the # of PPV's this year to give you less value? It better be absolutely commercial free...if it's like Hulu Plus where you pay for the privilege to watch ads then it's gonna sink. Ever watch a series of videos on the WWE website? Not exaggerating, there is a 30 second video EVERY SINGLE TIME you cue up another's infuriating.

They also better allow you to access it via any device you want, none of this maximum 2 or 4 screens crap. Maybe there will be a 5-times-a-show tutorial from Cole on how to use your WWE app to access this channel.

Switching gears now, Christmas Bounty featuring The Miz is in stores now, and it's a limited edition to every one who wants one!