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The main hook that the WWE network has, at least for me, is that the PPVs will be shown on it every month. Except for WrestleMania which you have to buy as a separate PPV. Considering it will only cost $14.99 a month vs the PPVs which cost $60.00 every month right now, that's a good deal. I'm not sure if i'll get it though since it's supposed to be an online streaming thing similar to Netflix. I spend a decent amount of time on my laptop but certainly not enough to pay for a streaming wrestling network. If it were a regular station available on my TV I would probably get it.

For those interested, Chris Jericho has started doing a podcast called Talk Is Jericho. Steve Austin, Edge and Eddie Trunk have been guest so far and Bret Hart is his guest next week. Austin and Edge had a lot of good wrestling stories to tell. I knew a good amount of the Austin stuff since so much of it has been covered on his WWE DVDs though. A lot of the stuff Edge talked about I didn't know.