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Guttural Secrete
Nourishing the Spoil
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

Gotten into Brutal Death Metal (and all it's annoyingly-named subgenres) big time over the past 2 years. For those that aren't familiar, these guys are a very unique blend of brutal death, tech death, slam, and grind. Not unlike Benighted, for those of you who are familiar w/ those psychotic Frenchmen. This is a catchy and brutal-ass death metal record. Plenty of techincal doodles that don't go into wank levels, crazy ass guitar riffs, heavy bass drops and killer slams and breakdowns. I hesitate to use the term breakdown, cause they're more slammy than chuggy. The vocals are a little generic, but their vocalist is certainly talented, and mixes up typical death metal grunts w/ slam gurgles. 'Stainless Conception' (lovely lyrics) and 'Serrated Impurities' are my favorite tracks. I was bummed to hear these guys broke up this year, but according to their FB page, it sounds as though they're making another album and self-releasing it this year. Great news, cause these guys have been around for 10+ years, which is a long ass time for a BDM band nowadays. I really think any death metal fan will dig this.

Nourishing the Spoil (full album)

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